About Me

I live in the South East of England with an accountant who I married despite that! We were both in the police when we met. He soared to the lofty heights of DI then retired and I left when I’d reached my goal of DS on the murder squad where I spent 10 happy years. I run my vintage business now and blog about books. If I’m not reading I’ll be either sleeping or packing vintage Pyrex to send to the USA! I really love vintage crime books and am doing a blog series about that but my passion this year has been bookshops in a bid to show support for them and hope they stay! I review all the books I read, love or hate.

Last year I was diagnosed with high functioning autism spectrum disorder aka aspergers. This was a big moment in my life. I regularly read autism memoirs and review them.

I’m on Instagram and Twitter as @Wish Vintage and on Facebook as Wish Vintage Store.