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Inspector Maigret is the fictional creation of Belgian author Georges Simenon, a man with a fascinating history.  A journalist who explored the seedy side of life to find stories, he came out of WWII being suspected as a Nazi collaborator by the French and of being a Jew by the Germans.  Perhaps a chancer but he certainly seemed to push his toe quite far over the line to get the stories that he wanted.

Simenon was a prolific writer during his lifetime and published in excess of 500 novels.  Others I have reviewed here haven’t written 20.

Maigret is a French Police Detective working from Paris.  Seventy-six novels and twenty-eight short stories about Maigret were published between 1931 and 1972, starting with Pietr-le-Letton (Peter the Latvian) and concluding with Maigret et Monsieur Charles (Maigret and Monsieur Charles).

The character has come to the small screen all over the world with series shown in Japan, Russia and Italy as well as a recent incarnation with Rowan Atkinson at the helm.

Maigret is the subject of 75 novels and 853 million books have sold across the world.  This quietly intelligent detective is ever popular as he strolls the seedy streets of 1950’s Paris.  Penguin books have recently started re-publishing the translated stories so they are well worth seeking out.

Maigret is known for his pipe, his big shoulders and the stove in his office!