It’s been ages since I’ve done a what I’m loving post and they’re always nice to make me concentrate on the good that’s going on around me or the things that make me happy …

On Instagram I’ve been loving the Mrs Hinch Home account. Mrs Hinch shares her cleaning routines and top tips. She’s a proper Essex girl and she is so sweet in her stories. You’ll want to clean and buy cleaning products! I’m warning you. Her rise to Instagram stardom has been meteoric and she appeared on This Morning as a result.

On Amazon Prime we are utterly hooked to the Marvellous Mrs Maisel. It’s a comedy / drama about a 26 year old well to do lady, married with 2 kids and living well in New York. Her husband is desperately trying to become a stand up comic and she dutifully follows him around the clubs taking notes. One night she finds out that his routine is utterly copied from a famous comedian. That night he leaves her for his secretary. It turns out Mrs Maisel is the funny one in the relationship and she starts doing her own stand up. This series has won loads of awards already and it’s only completed season 1. Get Amazon Prime just for this!

Daphne Du Maurier! Rebecca has been my absolute favourite book ever since I first read it. I love that because it’s written by a woman and there’s a woman’s name in the title vast assumptions are made about the story. And yet this is a dark tale with twists and turns and horrifying moments and characters! I’ve not read any other work by the author for the twenty years since I first read Rebecca. No idea why. Guess I thought she couldn’t improve on perfection. Or surely you’ve only got one good book in you, certainly if it’s as good as Rebecca. I was wrong. I read Jamaica inn. Is it better than Rebecca? I think Mary Yellen is a better female protagonist than Mrs De Winter but I still prefer Rebecca. Nevertheless, Jamaica Inn. Wow! What a story. How does she do it? Going on a Du Maurier binge now!!!!

I’ve put fairly lights up in my bedroom and I just love them so much! Why have I waited this long?

The fairy lights were an addition to my dressing table which I’d got so fed up with that I decided to sort it out once and for all. My best investment so far is an acrylic storage unit for all my make up. Now it’s all neatly organised rather than dumped in a heap!

One of the most traumatic experiences I had was going to a Jo Malone counter to spend my birthday money on my most favourite perfume in the world to find they’d discontinued it. Who would do that. After a year of patience I’ve managed to get a bottle on eBay. And I’m so happy again. I love that smell. So much! Trying not to think about what will happen at the end of this bottle!

Sephora lip tint. Whilst in Stockholm on my recent journey around Scandinavia I mainly shopped and, having realised I had no lipstick with me, took a trip to Sephora where I spent an hour trying to find a lipstick! I’m so pleased with my choice, great colour and love the consistency.

Any recommendations for me? I always love a Netflix recommendation x