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Whilst on my recent solo adventure through Scandinavia I of course tried to find bookshops, as I always do!  Often I find English bookshops in European cities though it is a second language.  Paris has a couple of great English bookshops and I found one in Berlin too.  So it is always worth a look.  If there isn’t a dedicated English bookshop there will often be a dedicated section, something I found in all the bookshops I visited in Bergen.

In Stockholm my research unearned The English Bookshop and though quite far from me I set aside a day to walk there and explore the area.  The area the bookshop is located in had a couple of vintage shops too so was obviously the cool bit and was a little bit of a trek from the overly tourist areas around the Palace and cobbled streets.

The shop was lovely, full of all manner of genres and classic books but I was particularly drawn to the Scandinavian Crime Noir section, full of unheard of authors translated into English.  I spent a while there working hard to select a book.

I went with Still Waters by Viveca Sten.  I’ll get back to you with a review when I’ve got round to it!

Loved this bookshop!  I definitely loved Stockholm for the shopping so will hopefully be back soon.