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This week I finally worked up the courage to walk in the door of Marrin’s Bookshop in Folkestone.  I regularly walk past it but just never go in.  The windows are small and I can’t see what I’m walking in to.  I’ve looked at the website and that never made it any easier.  So this week we walked past on a Saturday and my husband made us go in.

It was much bigger than I thought and stretched along a corridor into another room full of bookcases and books behind glass doors.  There are books everywhere and it is difficult to navigate at points particularly as it seems like the floors aren’t level so the doors of the cabinets don’t seem to want to stay closed.

There were lots of really beautiful books but expensive books, this is a proper antiquarian bookshop with a First Edition set of Tolkiens’ Lord of the Rings books in a slipcase priced at nearly £500 and a rather beautiful set of Jane Austen books blowing the budget at over £1,000.

I am pleased I finally made it through the door and discovered a little magical book world.  Its definitely a place for people who collect books or want a particular book to give to someone as a gift.