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This week I continue my bookshop challenge for the year of 2018 by visiting a rather splendid bookshop, and it’s on a barge!  And the barge is on water!  Quirky is the word, you’re right.  It is idyllic and fun and I am sharing it this week because of its location, right by where they hold the Classic Car Boot Sale which is being held this weekend coming (28/29 April), by Granary Square, a short walk from King’s Cross / St Pancras in London.

Just down on the canal, underneath all the hustle and bustle, is this perfect little gem of a bookshop, Word on the Water.  Books are displayed out on the top of the boat but you also get to go in, or down, into the boat, stooping to get through the door as you enter into a little wonderland of shelves, magical views of the canal and a wood burning stove.  Books line shelves in all directions in a neat and orderly way.  There are places to sit a while and work out which book you want and plenty of Insta friendly vignettes!

Apparently this lovely barge used to travel along the Regents Canal stopping randomly to open.  That sounds like something out of Chocolat don’t you think?  Now the barge is permanently moored by Granary Square so a lot easier to locate but no less magical.

This is a must see for any bibliophile on a trip to London.  Add it to your bucket list.

Have you found an equally magical bookshop?  Let me know about it, I’d love to hear what it’s magical qualities are.