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This week I wanted to just do a little round up of bookshops I hope to visit this year, ones that are highly recommended.  I thought I would concentrate on those that are achievable in the UK in this weeks blog whilst next week I am going to look further afield and create a proper bucket list.  By the end of this year I hope to create my own Top 10.  Definitely found a few for that list already!  As ever I am so grateful for your suggestions of places to visit so please do comment or message me with that must see bookshop, to make sure that I don’t miss it!

The Bookshop – Wigtown – this is top of the list of must visits given that the challenge all came about from reading the proprietors’ Diary of a Bookseller.  Bythell recently posted on his FB page that an Amazon review had given the book 1 star and described it as boring.  How strange is it that what I can take from a book is a year’s challenge and total inspiration to change my buying habits whilst someone else wants to chuck it on the fire.  How glorious books are! The Bookshop is in Wigtown on the West coast of Scotland, a town now designated a book town, whilst The Bookshop claims a mile of bookshelves!




Much Ado Books is the nearest one to me I think and I’ve read lots about it.  Over the winter months I have sought to get there but fortunately checked on line before travelling the few hours to get there and found that it has been closed for refurbishment.  The delay only adds to the anticipation!  Much Ado hosts a mix of old and new books and is award winning, also boasting of their own range of notebooks.  I know, stationery too!!!

Barter Books one of my favourite bookshops and I expect it will make the top 10.  I hope to get there this year though there are many bookshops I have yet to  visit that should take priority.  But Barter Books has never failed me.  I have always bought an armful of stunning books.  And I love the train that goes around in a loop over the bookcases.  And the tea is good.  And…



Westwood Books in Sedbergh is a must see as are the other bookshops in the town.  Sedbergh has become one of those book towns I keep reading about but have yet to visit.  I am hoping to get a few days away in an Airbnb up there to give me time to explore.  And hopefully before the season starts!


The Haunted Bookshop in Cambridge – well, what’s not to like about the name of that shop?  How can I resist?

Hay on Wye is the most famous book town I know of so that must be on the list at some point.

Stanfords in Covent Garden has been recommended to us as a great alternative / complement to Daunt Books which we loved in Marylebone.  It is a bookshop that specialises in travel and it turns out that this really floated hubby’s boat.  So that is most certainly getting a visit.

John Sandoe Books on the King’s Road is a highly thought of second hand bookshop.    Looks like there’s another trip to London on the cards…

Word on the Water – The London Bookbarge – yes books on a barge right there on the Regent’s Canal.  How exciting will that be!



South Bank Book Market.  So there definitely needs to be at least two trips to London…

I’m keeping it to 10 for now with a fair few in London which is easier for me to get to.  The rest are hours away and I shall have to plan them in.  Any one know of any good bookshops in the West Country?  Any in Yorkshire?  What about South Wales – I am always looking for an excuse to visit South Wales!