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I read a blog in the week that speculated on why Estée Lauder’s Night Repair was so underrated in blogger land.  I’ll tell you why it is.  Bloggers want to tell you about what’s new, there’s new products our everyday and people make a living out of telling you about them.  New companies and brands need bloggers help to get the word out.  

What help do Estée Lauder need?  I remember my Mum having this when I was a little girl.  Victoria Beckham just launched a line with them.  I don’t think they need the help of me…

This stuff is the business!  I know, I just bought my first lot.  You know I’ve been trying new stuff for ages.  I’m always looking for an eye cream that works.  Well prod me, I’m done.  I stare at my eye area every morning.  I look ten years younger.  Within two applications.  And the instructions say use for a month.  I’m going to end up looking like a teenage version of me, surely!

So what I’m loving at the moment, and likely for the rest of my life