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Not so much as it turns out.  This was a working weekend for me.

I worked in the antiques shop all day on Saturday and sold lots of lovely things.  We had a big Tolkien fan visit and he bought just about all of my stock of Tolkien books!  He was very excited to pick up some nice copies of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

It goes without saying that I sold some Pyrex.  Saturdays pattern of choice was Briarwood.  One of my favourites.

Vinyl is so popular in the shop right now.  We sell so much.  Have you got back into vinyl yet (or got into it for the first time?).  We had a couple of guys in the shop on Saturday who were on their first time around with vinyl but they spent about £100 between them on some classic records.

There was a birthday tea party in the Vintage Tea Rooms in the afternoon.  Such an ideal location with lashings of tea.  I’ve organised a get together for a vintage Facebook page in the next few weeks in the tea room.  A bunch of guys and gals that I’ve never met before and we’re going to share a pot of tea and have a chat.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

On Sunday I was up bright and early for boot fairs.  The forecast suggested clear skies but it was quite the contrary.  By the time I got to my second boot fair I needed the umbrella.  It was tipping it down.  Sellers were either hurriedly packing their stuff away or seeing it out.  And I hate that.  When you see books and pictures getting soaked and ruined.  I managed to pick up some Pyrex nevertheless.

Last week I did a pick up and as a result saw that there was a vintage fair on on Sunday morning so I incorporated this into my schedule.  I was really pleased to pick up some fab tins, so cute!

Yesterday afternoon it was about finishing what I started in the week.  Cleaning my latest furniture acquisition up ready for photographing!  I’m a big Ercol fan and have my own day bed which I cherish.  A lot of the other chairs in my house are Ercol including the chair I am sitting on whilst I type this!  A gorgeous Ercol Quaker.

The chairs I was cleaning up yesterday

Ercol Quaker Carver chairs

I’ve gone through my whole rainbow of specialisms this weekend from furniture to Tolkien.  I remember when I first started out and I just sold bone china tea sets and I used to worry about what would happen if I couldn’t find any to sell, what would I do?  Diversification is the key!  But I still only buy what I love.  If I don’t get it, if I don’t think its beautiful or it’s not something that screams quality then I walk on by.  Well I probably didn’t see it in the first place.  I’m definitely a collector myself which is why my house is filled with Ercol and Pyrex, oh and Tolkien and TG Green, copies of Jane Eyre and Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.  Russian Dolls, tins.  And good pens.  My vintage Mont Blancs are one of my favourite things!

So.  I didn’t get up to much exciting this weekend, it was a working one but that’s ok.  Because I have the best job in the world!