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I get my subscription box at the end of the month so the September edition is reviewed in October.

This month the box seems to be full of food!  Now I’ve been getting this box for years now and I always look forward to the chocolate choice.  Until recently when chocolate was noticeably absent from a box that should most certainly have chocolate in it!  But this month there’s chocolate, an oak cracker and a tea bag.  Plus a box of tea lights.  I’m used to a bit more beauty but let’s see what they managed to fit in the box!

A Schwarzkopf shampoo for colour treated hair.  It costs £12.20 for the full size version.  This is a 50ml tester.  I’m having my hair re-coloured this week so I’ll give it a go and see whether it has an effect.

An I-Glow Mini compact…It certainly is very pretty.  It is a useful compact box with a mirror.   £16 full price  New CID Cosmetics where they have a useful video showing how to use it.

Cotswold Lavender Slumber Spray in miniature size, 100ml costs £7.25.  Spraying your pillow at bedtime should lead to a restful night’s sleep.  Well, I’ll give it a try…

And this one looks fab, AA Skincare Seaweed and Aloe Eye Gel.  This is the full size version retailing at £6.96 on line.

The Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that really exists to send you your sanitary products.  The For You box is the little bonus.  And I always look forward to the chocolate!  Let’s hope they’re listening for next month…