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Greed.  That’s what I’m thinking about today.  It’s all around me.  The (now former) England football manager.  The ex-wife of the guy that pretended to go missing in his canoe so they could claim the insurance money.  The “eBay sellers” who are buying the Cath Kidston Winnie the Pooh range up out of all the shops to sell for exorbitant profits.  

Sam Allardyce, the Greatest England Football manager in history.  Won every game he managed.  Then left his job by mutual agreement with the FA after being caught in a sting by journalists where he was offered a bribe.  

Anne Darwin was the woman who pretended her husband was lost at sea in his canoe. They claimed life insurance money and took their wads of cash to Panama to buy land and property.  Ultimately they both ended up in Prison.  Her story has been serialised in the Daily Mail over the last few days. 

Cath Kidston released a limited edition range of Winnie the Pooh items this week.  Within a day most stock had sold out on line.  Shortly after that some of the bags were selling on eBay for 4 x the price.  People on Facebook weren’t happy.  In fact they were sickened.  Appalled.  They were disgusted. Greedy beggars!  Why couldn’t they leave it for the genuine fans!

I reflected.  Mainly because when I was at the airport yesterday I caught wind of the dismay at the CK events and checked out eBay.  I made haste to the airport shop and bought a few bits at duty free prices.  I will be listing them for a profit.  It’s what I do.  It’s how I make my living.  Granted it’s usually vintage items.  But I don’t buy and sell for the good of everyone else.  I do it to make money so I can pay my bills.  Apparently, to some, that makes me a bad person.  To me that’s what an entrepreneur is.  People don’t hate Richard Branson.  He’s got his own Caribbean island with the profit he’s made out of us.  Yet he’s a national treasure!  Me.  I make a £50 profit and I’m the scum of the earth…  odd.  

I am comparable to Sam Allardyce and Anne Darwin?  Am I?  

Anne Darwin is a convicted criminal.  She was found guilty of fraud.  She lied to the world but importantly her two sons.  She took a lot of money.  She had no shame.  Until now of course.  After she got caught.  I’m not like her.  She was too greedy for hard work.  She just thought she was cleverer than everyone.  Still does from what I’ve read.  She wanted money for nothing and thought money was more important than her children.  

Yep.  No comparison. 

Sam Allardyce.  Got one of the top jobs in the land.  Wanted it all his career apparently.  Earning a fortune.  Still not enough.  Thinks so highly of himself that he entertains these people and talks crap about other decent people.  Just because they have a lisp.  A distinct (understatement) lack of integrity.  Hope he enjoys his money and feels very ashamed of himself.  Am gonna say I doubt the latter!

So then there’s me.  Am I greedy like these two?  Is there shame in what I do?  Am I betraying my loved ones?  Some people might think so.  I think that’s a bit dramatic.  But I would wouldn’t I!