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  1.  Winning – this week I won £100 of vouchers in a competition I entered on Instagram.  It was run by English Heritage and was a photo competition asking for pictures of details from any of their sites around the country.  Using the #EHDetail I put in a photo I had taken of Dover Castle just that weekend.  And I won!
  2. Barter Books – This week I got to visit my favourite bookshop in the world, Barter Books in Alnwick.  I live in the very South of England and Barter Books is in the very North, just as far North as you can go before you get to Scotland!  It is probably a good thing to be honest.  I managed to get me a 15% discount for spending over £100 on this visit!  (I’ll write more about the shop next week!)
  3. A Wedding – Seeing one of your very favourite people in the world looking so happy they could burst because they are marrying the person they love is pretty awesome!
  4. Feedback – I know that you should blog because you want to, because you want to write.  And I do enjoy it a lot.  I like thinking about what I am going to write, looking for ideas and taking the photos to complement them.  But getting feedback about my blogs is just the best and I’ve had some great feedback recently.  Thank you so much. It means such a lot.  Thank you for reading my ramblings, sharing your thoughts with me and generally being there to listen.
  5. My Husband – he is just the best.  He makes me laugh every day.  Thank you sweetie for being awesome.