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It’s pronounced ‘huu-gah’ and apparently that’s a sound from the very depths of your throat.  It is a Danish word with no straightforward English translation.  It’s a concept.  A concept of being cosy, hunkering down, taking time out, relaxing.  Having family time. Having coffee.  Having a cake.  And not feeling bad about it.

I first heard the word literally a few weeks ago on a Radio 4 programme.  They were talking about how the Hygge concept was coming to the UK big-time.  There are cafe’s in London opening and books being published. It’ll be a phenomenon.

I visited my good friend Suzanne last week for a catch up.  She runs the Etsy vintage shop On My Kitchen Table and we both specialise in Pyrex.  So it’s always good to have a natter about what the trends are, what’s hot and what’s not.  I mentioned Hygge.  It became apparent that I am, as usual, late to the party!  Suzanne told me all about Hygge and recommended a book to me called A Year of Living Danishly.  I have devoured the book already and it will be featured in the Thursday book review blog next week!

So I’m going all Hygge.  And isn’t September the perfect time to start perfecting it, just in time for Autumn.  I am going to become well practiced in the art of Hygge.  I’m already thinking about an Ikea trip to buy some throws.  More candles are definitely (always) in order.  I won’t turn a Danish pastry down, ever.  They should be a staple.  Maybe not to five a day levels…

So I’m thinking that this winter rather than get SAD I am going to work at betting HYGGE.