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This is the subscription box it all started with for me.  I’ve been a subscriber to the Pink Parcel on and off for a few years.  I hate my period.  I have always had it tough, every month.  Having endured it since I was 11 I took control a few years back.  I subscribed to this box, to cheer me up, and I went to the doctor!  I was prescribed tranexamic acid which changed my life!  Literally.  The one thing I will say before I start this review is if you have any issues with your periods just go to the doctor.  They will help you.  My periods were always really heavy and so painful for about two days.  The tranexamic acid has reduced the heaviness hugely.  As a result of this the pain has become much more manageable.  Still a little bit sore but nothing like I have had for years.  I so wish I had gone to the doctors sooner.


So, the Pink Parcel.  This is a subscription box that revolves around your period.  They send it out to you just before you are due, you provide them with details of your dates.  You also pick whether you want tampons or pads.  The box is well packaged and very discreet.   Over the years they have reduced the amount of product they send you but I have to say I still seem overwhelmed with pads.  I didn’t even use the ones they sent me this month as there were so many left over from the last few months!  I particularly like the little draw pull bag they send with a few in that you can just put straight into your handbag.

But obviously there is more to it than getting sent your pads or tampons otherwise I wouldn’t see the point.  The little box containing make-up and treats is always the highlight of my month and I find myself looking forward to my period.

This months box contained some sweets, fruit and a tea bag.  And some interesting pieces of make-up.

The sun kissed shimmer dust brush is going to turn this pale girl into a bronzed beauty!  And just in time for the wedding on Tuesday!

The So Susan Haute Light Pencil is an ivory crayon which apparently helps skin elasticity and reduces eye bags!  Sign me up.

The Cougar Beauty 24 hour Liquid Lipstick is available in 4 colours.  It dries matte which is the look for the season right!  One wonders how they managed to work out that I am partial to a plum lipstick!!!!


The SASS Intimate Perfect Skin concentrate is for use on the bikini line and helps reduce hair growth.

And don’t forget the bracelet, worth £12.99.

The Pink Parcel is one of my favourite subscription boxes.  There is a purpose to it for me.  It adds a bit of glamour to what was always a hateful part of the month.  I get to try a few new bits of make-up.  I’ve been disappointed in the last few months by the distinct lack of chocolate which was always the best bit of the box.  What’s a period without chocolate!  But I think it is good value for money and the contents always seem thoughtful and carefully packaged.  I appreciate the effort they put in to this box and I highly recommend it.  If I had a daughter I would most definitely subscribe for her.  I wish at 11 I had been given a treat every month.  I was always told, quite rightly I guess, that it was all part of life and you just had to get on with it.  You couldn’t take a few days off sick every month after all.  And I never did.  But what I learned when I was 40 was I’d actually been enduring a few days a month that I totally hadn’t needed to.  Don’t be a martyr just because you’re a woman!