I was always a cloth kind of girl.  And then that was if I remembered. I tended to sleep with my make-up on.  Sorry.  It just was not important to me.  I wasn’t interested and I didn’t really understand it all to be honest.

Recently I’ve started coming across blogs.  I have been working out what I want mine to look like and in the process have become a bit of a fan of a couple of regular bloggers.  Skin care is hugely important to them.  I of course will follow a trend…

Kate La Vie is probably the first one I came across.  She is this 20 something girl with a lovely flat in Scotland.  She is a full time blogger and travels the world, sharing her experiences and her top tips.  I love watching her vlogs.  (Video Blogs)  She tends to talk, a lot.  Sometimes I fast forward her if she is wittering a bit too much.  But in the grand scheme of things I love her and her cat, Mouse.  Enjoying watching her led me to realise that blogging is quite interesting.  So I explored a bit further.  And found Caroline Hirons who I have mentioned to you previously.  She is my skin care goddess.

Kate introduced me to double cleansing on one of her vlogs and I thought it just sounded like a waste of money.  Having just purchased the Caroline Hirons Cult Beauty Skin Care box I wasn’t going to tip that money down the drain.  But it turns out that Caroline urges double cleansing particularly in the evening if you have been using an SPF.

And so I double cleanse.

Starting with a dry face I tend to commenced with an oil based cleanser which I massage into my skin.  When satisfied that I have covered my face thoroughly I run the hot tap until it is finger hot then saturate my flannel.  I press the hot flannel into my face to wipe off the cleanser.  It is so refreshing.  Once all removed I turn to a cream cleanser and repeat the process.  Once I have dried my face I tone and moisturise.

My skin used to be so dry when I just used the cloths.  I had dry patches on my nose, a really hard scaly patch on the side of my nose.  I’ve probably got by because I’ve realised that I have really oily skin since I’ve started paying attention.  I think I’ve done less damage than I should have because my skin has been looking after itself.  It is so oily that it must have been really bad to have ended up with dry scaly patches.

Now I take real pleasure in the feel of my skin once I have cleansed it.  It is a bit addictive.  I have a clear routine now and happily acquiesce to it.  Morning and night without fail I cleanse tone and moisturise.

It is recommended by Caroline that you mix up your products and I do but have a few favourites.  The Tata Harper Oil Cleanser I picked up from Cult Beauty and it is wonderful.  I am sadly near the end of this bottle and will need to get another one soon.  I have just discovered the highly recommended Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser which tends to be my cream cleanser.  It smells divine and feels like it just calms my skin right down after a hard day.  And that one is quite cheap I think at just over £15 a bottle.

I’ll keep giving lots of alternatives a go though and let you know of my findings.

So what I’m loving at the moment – Cleansing!

Let me know about your routine?  Do you double cleanse?  Are you happily using cloths?  I’m always happy to give recommendations a go so share your secrets xx