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Last week I mentioned my experiment with the Nivea aftershave balm that was on offer in Tesco.  I had been reading all over blog-land that a clever blogger somewhere had discovered by accident that Nivea aftershave balm was a brilliant make-up primer, especially for oily skin.  I was therefore over the moon to find the balm on offer in Tesco for last weeks Tuesday Beauty Bargains.  Last Wednesday morning I applied it as a make-up primer and shared my experiences on my Instagram page (have you followed me there yet?  It is Wish Vintage there too).  My day went well.  The balm felt really nice on my skin. By the end of the day my make up was still in place and my forehead was still quite matte without a frequent application of powder.  Nose was oily but you can’t have everything right.  I shared my delight with my Instagram followers.  One of them immediately commented that much as people were shouting out about how great it was as a primer in actual fact it does quite the opposite thing to a primer and sucks the make up into the pores.  She had tried it and had suffered terrible break-outs after a few weeks.  Disappointed as I was that this was not my miracle primer at long last I put down the bottle and haven’t used it since.  But my skin.  It is hideous.  Since I used it I have been really suffering with terrible spots.  Not normal for me at all.  I get the odd pimple but these are whoppers.  So you’ll excuse me that this weeks Beauty Bargains are a tad spot orientated  as otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go out of doors!  People would try to drown me to see if I was a witch!


And talking of witches!  Boots has such a lot of offers on at the moment, it was difficult to choose what to go for.  Spots therefore merited a purchase of a tea tree and witch hazel spot wand which I got free with another purchase from the range.

Another Boots range that I opted for was the Simply Sensitive one where I have added a hydrating eye cream which was just £1.99.  This is supposed to hydrate the eye area, sensitively!

The eye area will hopefully also benefit from the Illuminating Touch under eye brightener from Collection which was a £1 off at £3.99.

I know loads of you love Soap & Glory and I went for eye make-up with them which was on offer, the Supercat Fat eyeliner is reduced from £7 to £3.50 and the mascara is £10.50.

I think the whole of the Nivea range was on offer and in Boots I opted for the skin refining serum which was £7.88 off and came in at £7.87.

Finally at boots I went for a tissue mask.  This Garnier one was reduced to just 99p.  I love tissue masks.  The minute they go on an air of calm seems to descend over me.  It’s wonderful.  So can’t wait for that!

Picked up a couple of bits in Tesco too, all in a panic over my appalling skin.  The Nivea sensitive night cream for sensitive skin jumped out because it has liquorice in it.  And I bought the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water.  I have tried any Micellar cleansing waters before so this was a jump for me.  I’ve added it in to my two stage cleansing routine for part 1 and it takes off my make up quickly bearing in mind how much eye make up I wear.  That was reduced from £4 to £2.66.  The night cream was £1.50 off and just £2.5o.


So hopefully by the time I get to the wedding next week my skin will be happier.  I am trying to spend as little time during the day with make up on and ensuring I clean my face morning and night with fresh flannels.  I am trying not to use too many new products on my face to give it a time to recover.  On Friday I will let you know about the cleansing oils I favour and what my cleansing routine is.

Let me know about any beauty bargains you’ve grabbed this week.  And always share with me if you have used a product and loved or hated it.  Thank goodness my lovely IG friend let me know about the balm before I became one big spot!