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Happy Saturday everyone.  I love a Saturday morning.  The blissful start of a happy weekend.  It is stretching before me with so much potential.  I will get my morning trip to the boot fair done, often my best purchasing day when all the house clearance guys are down there selling literally everything.  Just how I like it.

So on such a positive day and being someone that tends towards misery during the week (I make light of it but, you know!), I thought I would try a bit of positivity.  I know a lot is being made about positivity in blog land at the moment.  But I have found in my life (all 42 years of it) that when I set a positive outlook on my face, a smile, I tend to one day find myself caught off guard by feeling positive.  There’s always a space for realism or pessimism but you don’t need to give in to it completely.  You can fight it.  You can try to be happy.  Life is more pleasant being happy.

So the Saturday blog is about me reflecting on what good things happened this week.

  1.  Lots of cycle rides.  I finally picked up my bike, probably inspired by the likes of Laura Trott, and started on my bike rides.  I have always liked cycling, it is my thing.  It’s kind of a lazy sport.  You can put as much or as little into it as you feel inclined to.  We had a long cycle ride last weekend and then went out on Monday and Tuesday night after Chris got in from work.  We both looked forward to it during the day and enjoyed being out in the countryside watching the tractors wend their way through the harvest.
  2. Speaking of Laura Trott we sat up and watched her and her husband to be win their gold medals.  How stressful was Jason’s final with all the false starts?  We didn’t get to bed until midnight but it seems like half the country were up with us judging by Twitter and the viewing figures.  How great are our Gold medallists and what an inspiring Olympics this has been.

    From Lauras’ IG account

  3. I bought a new sports bra at M&S in Bluewater.  I have to go to Bluewater because I need a fairly big size.  Great excuse for a spot of beauty shopping.  I’ve always been a bit intimidated by the beauty counters.  Turns out I still am but I bought a few bits and had a really nice day.  Fortunately I had a good week on eBay and had the money to spend!
  4. And talking about money.  I am terrible with money.  If I have it I spend it.  One of my earliest memories is being given 5op and needing to go into Woolworths to spend it and my Mum suggesting I could keep hold of it.  Yeah right.  Just not my thing.  Wish it was though.  This month we turned our box room back into an office.  For too long it had been a horrible stock room for all my eBay stuff.  I had a big clear out sale and we put in a floating desk and shelves.  It is such an inspiring space now and every morning I sit down and log onto online banking and do my budget.  This is just far too sensible for the likes of me.   But it really is working.  I’ve got a week left until payday and I’m going to make it for once.  Even though I treated myself to some new Ralph Lauren sunglasses on Asos and bought lots of beauty stuff.  It’s a relief to know I’ve got it covered.  I like this new routine.
  5. The office also gives me space to work hard at my blog.  And it’s been a good week for that too.

So have a great weekend everyone!  Lots of indoor activities I think ❤️