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Boots are doing a few hard to miss deals on skincare items.  I am currently obsessed with skin care!

My favourite, and one of this weeks must-trys is the L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks.  These are currently on offer for £5 each.  There was a great tester card in my local Boots which you could use to see which mask you needed.  My hideous oily skin warranted the purifies and mattifies mask.  Most definitely and adamantly.  But the detox mask still slipped into the basket as I loved the colour of it.  It’s got charcoal in it so its a deep black colour.  Can’t wait to get that out of my white flannels!

The Soap & Glory Righteous Butter was also on offer but more importantly had a competition on it.  Now I am a bit of a comper in my other life so that definitely went into the basket.  Anything with a competition on struggles not to be bought by me!

My Tesco find this week was the Nivea Post Shave balm on offer at £2.50.  No I am not starting to shave but I have been reading on various beauty blogs that this is a must use and magical make-up primer, particularly for oily skin.  Well, he who dares hey!

So I’ll try to remember to update you with how it goes!