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For quite some time now I have been taken a subscription box, monthly, that contains products for my periods as well as some little make up treats and the all important chocolate.  Other than my Pink Parcel I hadn’t really thought much about subscription boxes.  Until I started seeing some blogs about them.  Well now I’m addicted!  So I must let you in on the secrets!  I’ll let you know about each of them each month, particularly if there are any good products in them.  As a result of my subscription boxes I now have a couple of new favourites on my dressing table which I probably wouldn’t have come across otherwise.  And that is the point of the subscription box really.  You get to try some sample sizes of products, some full size products.  Some you realise you wouldn’t get on with – I don’t like a lot of the nail varnishes that come for example.  But I get to try new things that I just wouldn’t have known about otherwise.  And I quite enjoy it.  Certainly my Pink Parcel makes me look forward to that time of the month!  I love getting a new lipstick!

Today my new Birchbox arrived in the post.

It usually comes in a sweet little box but this month it has come in a make-up bag.  I got a yellow one.  Sadly within one open of the zip it was broken.  But if it worked it seems like it would be a useful bag.


I am excited about using the dry shampoo.  I do tend to have a bottle on my dressing table and find it useful on a Sunday when I dash out at stupid o’clock to boot fairs.  It just makes me look presentable.  I haven’t used this brand before though.  It smells delicious.

The citrus body scrub also smells gorgeous and is filled with grapefruit which is always an energiser for me in body washes.  So I am looking forward to that.

The Balance Me radiance face mask is a quick one and only takes 5 minutes.  I have never really found a face mask that I stick to although I do like using them.  It feels a bit decadent for me doing a face mask.  I’ve never been that good at looking after my skin and hair.  That’s why I’m loving these subscription boxes.  Suddenly I’m interested.  And my skin is happier.

I picked the mulberry eyeliner from Marcelle – there was a choice of that or expresso.  I’ve no idea why I went for this colour but I recently got a blue eyeliner in a box and the colour change really impressed me.  I’ve worn black eye-liner for 20 years.  Another positive about these subscription boxes is that they get you to try breaking the habit.  What’s the worst that could happen right? 

The very handy anti-bacterial gel has gone straight to hubby who has an unnerving habit of touching every surface he encounters.  Handrails, handles, walls.  He’ll be patient zero that’s for sure!

The extra gift this week is a coconut wipe test sample.  I love love love coconut so looking forward to that.

I’ll let you know on Instagram how they all go.  

Let me know if you subscribe to any boxes.  I’ve got a few days of the month still empty of deliveries.  Hubby told me last night that there are meal subscription boxes so I’ll be looking out for them. 

Birch box is £12.95 a month including postage.  If you want to have a look please use my refer link.  And make sure you refer friends using a link for bonus gifts.