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I spent ages trying to find the right recipe to make today and basically ended up planning the next few weeks rather than today!  We’ve got Halloween and Bonfire Night coming up as well as Christmas!  So much to fit in!

I have baked two lots of biscuits so will share the flapjack recipe with you today and let you know all about brandy snaps on Thursday.  I have decided to add a baking day back into the weeks schedule.  So Tuesday and Thursday will now be baking days.  Wednesday will now be a mixture of collections and destination reports over the weeks.


Wish Vintage bakes Flapjacks!  

What you will need:-

  • 2oz butter or margarine
  • 2 oz castor sugar
  • 1 oz golden syrup
  • 4 oz rolled oats
  • pinch salt

Heat the oven to 190 or gas mark 4-5.

Heat the butter or margarine and then stir in all the other ingredients.

Press into a greased and floured sandwich tin and bake for 20 minutes.  Check at 15 minutes and if they are becoming too brown lower the temperature.

Once removed from the oven immediately cut the flapjacks into the desired shapes.

Remove the flapjacks from the tin before they are completely cold.

Serve with tea!!!!

Flapjacks are my husbands favourite extra in his lunchbox.  This is a very straightforward recipe.  I made two batches (doubling the ingredients) to fit my tin which made about 10 of these massive biscuits!

Love Wish Vintage xx