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For those of you who follow Wish Vintage on Instagram or Facebook you may know that this weekend was over-loaded with vintage starting, on Friday, with a trip to London for the Audrey Hepburn exhibition and finishing on Sunday with the Salute to the 40’s festival at Chatham Dockyards.  There’ll be plenty of blogs in the coming weeks about what I saw so keep an eye out for the Vintage Destination Reports on a Thursday evening.

 I have to say that all weekend was about having fun and I really did enjoy myself but one of the highlights was the visit I had to the cafe in the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Without doubt the V&A is my favourite museum in London.  It’s like a tonic that every now and then I just need a swig of.  When I’m there I can’t even explain to myself why but it just does something that makes me happy.  I don’t have one favourite bit.  Each time it is something else that I take utter joy from.


This time it was the cafe!

I started the day with the Audrey exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery so by the time I reached the V&A it was gone lunch time (if your lunch time is on the dot of midday like mine!).  I decided I would have lunch and sort myself out.  I tend to over dress for museums and get very hot so having failed to find the cloakroom I decided to dis-robe over lunch.

I bought a panini and the ubiquitous pot of tea and then endured the panicked finding of a table that you have to endure when you are on your own.  I stuttered at some poor woman who I asked if she was saving seats and plonked myself down.  These cafes tend to be a little cramped don’t they so there really is no privacy.  Not that I needed it as I was on my own.  But those people that had arranged lunch dates and were busy chatting away couldn’t find any and perhaps didn’t think they needed to.  But don’t we all people watch?

I hadn’t gone there to people watch.  My idea was, as I said, to eat lunch, sort my clothing out then look at the map and plan my afternoon.  The planning part went out of the window once I found myself immersed in other people’s conversations.  Genuinely it wasn’t like I needed one of those hearing horns or a spy kit.  I was virtually sitting thigh to thigh with these people.


So I heard all about a guy’s friend who has an instagram account called Symmetry Breakfast. The premise of the account is that the guy photographs his and his other half’s breakfast – which are set up symmetrically.  That is all.   One of the directors of Instagram loved the account so much that he called them up and invited them to breakfast.  In LA.  Flew them out there.  Then they all had breakfast.  That picture was of three breakfasts.  Life changing!

Obviously I later looked up this account, found it and followed it.  Symmetry Breakfast


Shortly after this a guy walked in who it turned out the guy to my left was waiting for. Talk about a fog horn!  The sitting, older guy, with hindsight, clearly wanted everyone to be pay attention to him and his special guest.  Again, you couldn’t help but listen.  As the conversation went on it became apparent that the guy that had turned up was famous.  I snuck a peek and didn’t recognise him so I started texting my husband the clues I was being given by the loud guy.  He’s just finished filming Beauty and the Beast.  He (according to the loud guy) was amazing in The Guest.  (“Not wishing to blow smoke up your arse but you were amazing”, he said).  I heard a lot of things from the loud one that a girl with my worldly exposure was shocked to hear.  I think all those sitting in my part of the cafe did too.  I hope (should be fine!) that I am never famous enough or, perhaps, weird enough for this guy to shout about me in the V&A cafe!

Hubby text me that the quiet guy used to be in Downton.  I snuck another peek.  I’ve never missed an episode.  Didn’t recognise him.  I literally was too close to actually take a photograph, I would have had the lens on his nose.  I have taken subtle celebrity snaps before and it was just not possible on this occasion.  Far too embarrassingly obvious that I was bothered.

And so I am just left with the memory. I came home and looked him up.  It was Matthew from Downton.  One of the main characters.  But for the fog horn I would have never known that I was sitting thigh to thigh with a man who was talking to Matthew from Downton.  The circles I move in.

Rather apt for the weekend that the final series of Downton finally started I thought.

I’m already planning my next trip to the cafe at the V&A.  Can’t wait to learn what I hear next!

Have a great week!

Love Wish Vintage x