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Sometimes the idea of something is just how it should remain, an idea.  I am finding that with camping.

We have a history of trying.  Again and again.  We idealise the VW lifestyle.  We so want to be campers.  I think this may be a battle we will wave the white flag at.

Darcy is our second VW camper van.  She is an early 1990’s T25 left hand drive Westfalia German import.  We got her a few years ago and have spent a bit of time and money on getting her fully functional.  Our first camper, Betsy, was a split screen very early VW van.  She was a day van though and we so wanted to camp that we sold her and bought Darcy.





She is a fab van.  We are just not fab campers.

On our first voyage out we went to a very basic campsite with composting toilets.  We had never camped before.  We had a campfire and ate marshmallows.  And drank a lot of red wine.  We were booked for two nights but left on the morning after the first night.   This was because I struggled with the thought of the toilets.  And what was living in them.


The second time we camped we picked a site with toilets and showers.  We did manage the two nights.  Albeit after the first night at one site we moved to another site.  The first site was one where we woke up relieved to still be alive.  Not a comfortable nights sleep.  But at least there was a toilet.  You could circumnavigate the dogs mess after all.

So the third night of camping was at a certified site with toilets, showers and no dog mess.  At this site we learnt why you need chucks when camping in a van in a field to set the van level.  I woke up, on a gradient, feeling like I was being pressed to death by my husband lying on me.  Not intentionally.  Just because that was the way the van stood.  We bought chucks.

So this time we’ve gone to a proper camp site with toilets, showers and chucks.

 This time we learned that you can not camp without wine.  We are 5 months into a 12 month “Hello Sunday Morning” no drinking challenge.

Me wearing my HSM t shirt. This is an Australian initiative aimed at reflecting on alcohol consumption

We have not drunk alcohol for 5 months and have another 7 to go.  This was the first time we had gone camping without alcohol.  This was the first time in 5 months I seriously thought about throwing in the towel and getting wine.  Camping with wine is fun, sociable and, most importantly, bearable.  Camping without wine is miserable and makes no sense.  Ultimately you are sitting in a field.  Why would you do that if it wasn’t to drink a lot of wine?

So it turns out we now not only have 7 months of no wine but 7 months of no camping.


Love Wish Vintage x