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In my little vintage world I find a lot of my friends are put off by the name of this show.  Antiques perhaps musters up images of brown furniture and suits or armour…

Quite frankly I am delighted by the apathy.  It means I always get great vintage items at great prices! I turned up on a Sunday afternoon one time and took home Tretchikoff’s Green Lady for my efforts!  

So I don’t make a habit of sharing this secret shopping destination. Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once.

The antiques fair at Detling is held at the County Showground for Kent, in the far South Eastern corner of England.  Just 10 minutes from the M20 or M2 this is an easily reachable venue with good road access.   

There is plenty of free parking although it is in fields.  

Once parked you pay at the gate to get in.  The prices are tapered and get lower as time goes on.  First thing Saturday is £6 through to just a couple of quid on Sunday afternoon.  Some dealers only stay for Saturday and some stay if the weather is ok.  This may be the time to mention that Detling is high up on a hillside and thus has its own ecosystem!  Always have every option of clothing with you because you often can’t judge. It is likely to rain though!

Once inside the gate you are on an avenue of dealers.  There are no maps so you just have to work it out.  It’s not as big as Newark and is easy to navigate. I tend to walk up to the first crossroads and turn left, do that arm so I return to the crossroads, turn left again and up to the pavilions, which are huge, then back out to turn left at the crossroads again!  Easy.

The diversity of stalls means there’s always something for everyone. This time I bought small items including a Sindy and Catherineholm bowl.

But I’ve bought all sorts over the years.  It’s a treasure trove!


  • There are no cashpoints, most dealers don’t take cards – take cash
  • Take a rain coat
  • Take a trolley to transport all your purchases, it’s a long walk.
  • Politely haggle.  Please understand it’s very expensive to take a pitch, particularly indoors. 
  • website
  • Next fair is 31 October and 1st November
  • Don’t be disheartened if you feel it is very antiquey.  Suddenly you’ll see the best vintage stall with plenty of beautiful items!!!


Now, don’t tell anyone!

Love Wish Vintage x