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Instagram was hot yesterday for Wish Vintage and it related to my having posted an image of a Sindy doll.

So many people commented that they were transported back in time just by seeing her face.  And we all ended the day wondering why we had got rid of our girls!  Some clever people hadn’t.  Me – gone!  Where, I don’t know.

This morning whilst driving to work I knew I wanted tonight’s blog to be about record collecting and I felt much the same way.  Where are all my records????  Why did I let them leave my life?  I remember my Dad showing off his speakers to us one day playing Back in The USSR from The Beatles White Album.  The plane at the start of the song flew through those speakers and though this memory must be over 30 years old I can still hear that plane.

But technology progressed quickly.  My first CD player was a beautiful thing to behold.  Multi disc with flashing lights.  I quickly moved to CDs and left behind that Like A Virgin LP and my Dads Beatles vinyl.

And where am I today? I have playlists on my iPhone.  My CD’s are redundant in the house although some survive in my old car! I have very little physical music.  Except about 4 years ago I got myself a Dansette at Newark Antiques Fair.  I found a man who had a business fixing record players and he restored her to her full glory.  I had no records so I began scouring charity shops and boot fairs.  A few months ago I hit the mother load.  A woman, about my age, clearing out her Madonna vinyl.  I bought it all back!   I have a back catalogue of Queen vinyl that my husband is very proud of.  Found in a charity shop in Bexhill.  That lot cost a lot and I am not allowed to sell it!

My 20 year old nephew visited last Christmas.  He’s one of the generation that doesn’t know who Paul McCartney is.  He walked into my front room.  It was a dark evening.  Candles lit and Nat King Cole on the stereo even he couldn’t help but let out a breath as he relaxed. The crackle of the needle jumping over the grooves.  The single speaker at a listenable volume.

What is it about records that we wanted to leave behind?  Advancement in technology is amazing and I am certainly glad of my running playlist and being able to listen back to the Liza Tarbuck show on my iplayer.  I wouldn’t want to sacrifice that. But vinyl is magical.  Putting on a record means listening to music.  It means having some ‘me time’.

So now I collect vinyl too.  And I’m pleased that I was slow on the uptake on this trend.  There are record shops again, a great one in Bexhill.  There is a whole booth dedicated to Vinyl at Upstairs Downstairs in Faversham.  I regularly browse through the plastic sleeves.  People come in daily for a record.  In this world of chasing our tails and being overwhelmed with electronic devices im pleased others are taking the time for vinyl.

Let Vinyl back into your life!

Love Wish Vintage x