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We had a super busy weekend, and it was a long one, with Friday off.  My husband went one way, with his Dad, and I went another, with his Mum.  My Mother in Law had an appointment in London and right near it was Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant so I took the opportunity to book lunch for us.  I am not a big Jamie Oliver fan but this was a really fantastic experience.

On Saturday I went with a friend to Detling Antiques and Collectors Fair in Kent.  As a vintage dealer by profession this is a huge draw to me although there are only a few vintage stalls.  I always come back with quite a haul though.  There are a large number of stalls there selling most anything you can think of.  I managed to buy two pieces of 1950’s/ 60’s Pyrex in their original boxes, a Catherineholm Lotus pattern bowl, an Arthur Woods black cat posy vase and a Sindy Ballet Dancer.  Delighted.com for me as they were all very good value for money.

One thing that struck me on this visit, and I’ve been going regularly for a few years, was how many fur coats there were for sale.  

Did I miss something?  

I am of the generation that grew up in the 1980’s and 90s when fur was such a no no that the supermodels even came out to support the no fur campaigns that ran.

  This no fur attitude is really instrinsic for me.  The vintage dealer tag, vintage being my living, would not see me buying or selling fur, ever.
A lot of people argue that once it exists we should honour the animal by continuing to use the item.  I disagree.  I believe that continuing to allow fur to be fashionable perpetuates the industry and encourages would be entrepreneurs to fill gaps in the market thus ensuring that new coats are made to look old. It seems that a vintage legend agrees with me! 

Prince William has called for the destruction of the ivory held by Buckingham Palace in their collections in a similar bid to stop any further trading in historical elephant tusks.  With no market place for these items there is no demand and with no demand the supply has to dry up.  All the while the demand exists – because there are items still for sale – supply is fuelled.  Not all dealers have a heart.  Some just want to make money believe it or not!

Just googling for some information about this blog led me to read heartbreaking words about animals being bred for their fur.  Being kept in small cages made of wire for their whole lives.  Until they are electrocuted so as not to damage the pelt to ensure a nice coat.  Because be under no illusion, this is a huge business.  Fur coats are still being made.  Lily Allen regularly wears one!  New ones…

 It is apparent that younger girls are being targetted as the new consumer.  The generations that have come along behind me and didn’t see Naomi Campbell saying she would go naked rather than wear fur.  They must believe that these businesses are run well?  They must believe that no animals were hurt during the making of this coat?  It must be like the horse-meat scandal – what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you until you know it.

So Monday is turning into a blog where I speak to you it appears.  I appreciate that some listeners might not want to hear what I say.  They might, as is their right, disagree.  But I was still shocked that it has become ok to sell fur again which must mean that it has become ok to wear it again.  And I for one won’t be doing either in my lifetime.  If you do fancy a fur coat could you just do some googling before you commit to it and seriously give it some thought.

I did buy some fur this weekend…

Thank you,

love Wish Vintage x