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This is just such a beautiful yet simple film.  It’s a classic Hitchcock stunner.  Everything revolves around the rear window of LB “Jeff” Jeffries’ flat.  He has been in an accident and, with a broken leg, finds himself housebound.  This guy likes adventure and being stuck in his wheelchair is beyond boring for him.  Even though he has the most beautiful and adoring girlfriend you could hope for.   Step in Grace Kelly and her outfits!  She is just lovely as Jane.

Jeff watches all his neighbours through his rear window and sees a ballet dancer limbering up, newlyweds moving into their new flat, a spinster (Miss Lonely Hearts) being lonely.  And Thorwald.  He with the invalid wife who one night, whilst Jeff is asleep, disappears.  Jeff believes she has been murdered.  He convinces Lisa of this. They try, unsuccessfully, to convince the police of this.  They find themselves having to investigate for themselves which sees Lisa in some hair raising situations!  Whilst Jeff watches through his Rear Window.

I absolutely love this film!  It’s the film I fell in love with Grace Kelly to.  She is just gorgeous.  Her clothes are stunning and her manner is enchanting.  James Stewart’s character is a little arrogant and bullish, quite rude at points.  Grace Kelly takes the edge off of him and makes him bearable!  You know he’s not that bad but I can’t understand why he is so awful at points to her.  Why wouldn’t he grab her by the waist and marry her.  That’s all she wants!

My favourite character is Miss Lonely Hearts.  Her efforts at dating are terribly sad but I do love her hat!  I wish I had one.

So did Thorwald kill his wife?

This film is one of my favourite films ever on many many levels.  The story, the suspense, the way it’s shot just in that one room.  I love the clothes, the hats, the bags and the shoes.  I love how it shows what a different time it was.  Having to get permission from your landlord for your girlfriend to stay!  Such a clever and beautiful film.  Please don’t miss seeing it!!!!

Next week’s blog – we couldn’t resist – Dial M For Murder!!!


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