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My collections may run out eventually, but not tonight!

Sabrina, up a tree




My two cats, Macavity and Sabrina, are black cats.  They are coming up for 15 years old now and we’ve had them since they were kittens.  Advertised as witches cats we snapped them and their brother Salem up!  Sadly Salem was the runt of the litter and only stayed with us for a week.  Since that day we’ve had a black cat ornament to show he remains present in our family.  There is only one Salem but the collection has evolved from that.
Black cat posy vases date from the 1950’s.  Some makes to look out for include Arthur Wood and the German firm, Schmider 


Schmider Scoop Head Cat Vase 1950’s


Arthur Woods

In the main though my collection is of the cheap mass produced cats which I pick up for a few pounds.  Although I see the prices are picking up!!!!


My cat collection isn’t extensive because I’ve only a small space for it.  But it’s a kitsch bit of ceramic history!  And I love it!!!

Love Wish Vintage xx