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I can’t remember how I came to be a Pyrex collector.  I think it may be envy!  A few years ago I started buying and selling vintage.  We started with tea sets and have evolved.  Today we sold a cocktail bar!  In between, and still, I’ve bought (and sometimes sold) kitchenalia including Pyrex.  Along the way I’ve come across outrageously stunning Pyrex collections that have inspired me to form my own collection. 


Current favourite – my daisy stack


PIA – using my Pyrex to cook millionaires shortbread


Caramel level


Chocolate level


The Pink bowl and butter dish are both favourite pieces


My happy snowflake stack


I’ve managed to get the deep and shallow dishes in black and yellow snowflake


A really rare piece I’ve managed to get…


My salad server


A rare red piece


Some of the pretty pieces I have sold

I collect mainly English Pyrex or JAJ as I am in England.  Sometimes I am lucky enough to find American pieces over here.  My butter dish is American.  But I do love my English pieces and I’m always on the look out.  I have just started collecting Snowflake in white and black ready for the Christmas table ! 


Have you got a Pyrex display?  

Love Wish Vintage x