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Making the most of this weekend is paramount isn’t it?  We never manage it!  We always seem to fall into the weekend with few plans, if any.  This weekend that worked out brilliantly!

Friday night we went to a party at Upstairs Downstairs, the antiques centre where we have a booth, to celebrate a year of it having been opened.  It was an opportunity to meet the other dealers and to eat cheese and pineapple on sticks.  Yum!

You can see the cheese and pineapple on the plate. What a treat!

We returned home for Friday Night is Film Night #FNIFN (but that’s another blog) and went to bed.  Watching an episode of Frasier we received an invite to spend the weekend in London with Chris’ cousin and her family who were on their way home to the States from their holiday.

Can’t say no to that!!!!  Quick text to the neighbour to arrange cat-sitting and we’re good to go.

First thing Saturday we were on the fast train to the smoke.  We met at Buckingham Palace and did the Garden Exhibition, the Royal Mews and the Palace.

Palace (front)

Henry viii portrait showing gardens on either side

Tulip Vase

State Coach

Amazingly huge Coach

Back of Palace

Saturday was hot and sticky made worse by a lack of air conditioning in the palace and so many people.  Relieved we fell into a pub for lunch and a pint of orange juice and lemonade and a good chat!

The afternoon was all about the open top bus!

Palace of Westminster selfie

Blue skies over St Pauls

Dinosaur in Trafalgar Square…

And then back to our hotel for dinner and bed!  Exhausted!!!!!

Up bright and early for breakfast.

Breakfast in the hotel

We got a taxi to the Tower and saw the magnificent Tower Bridge exhibition.

Tower Bridge

The glass walkway at Tower Bridge

All of our feet!

Me balancing on a girder high above the Thames

View from one side of the bridge to the other

The beautiful colourful engine room

Years ago we visited London Bridge in the depths of America. The guy that bought it thought he was buying this. He was disappointed when he unwrapped it!

Before we were off to the Tower!  Where it rained…

Traitors Gate

Climbing over the Fence to Traitors Gate

Poncho selfie. Crown jewels done and back out to the rain

We threw coins in the Thames by Traitors Gate and ended up losing a bracelet in the water in the process. Chris got permission to retrieve it and it was a complete highlight that he got to climb the steps  from Traitors Gate.

An impromptu weekend which was amazing.

Being a tourist in your own Country seldom happens, too much to do!  So glad we got the chance to do these things.  We have such terrific history.  London is such a beautiful city.  We came back feeling very inspired and are actively planning our next adventure!  So much to see…

Love Wish Vintage x

What we did-

London Bridge
Buckingham Palace
Open top Bus
Tower of London
We stayed at the Marriott