Working as we do, in the world of vintage, we have fallen foul to a number of collections, currently featuring cats, owls, Russian dolls, Tolkien books, Pyrex and Bristol Long Line amongst those featured in the house of Wish Vintage!  But this week we are turning our new feature “What do we collect?” over to our friend Claire who we have asked to tell us about her fabulous Carlton Ware collection.


My Great Aunt Edna, (seen here on my Grandad, or her brother’s, motorbike) was a small, trim lady but tenacious!  Even as a child I was taller than her but she never needed to raise her voice for me to know that I needed to behave!  My Carlton Ware collection began when my Mum gave me my Great Aunt Edna’s foxglove toast rack.


My toast rack kick started the collection just over a year ago and it has snowballed since then.  Now I have nearly 50 pieces!  I pick new additions up mainly from charity shops and car boot fairs.  I do love a boot fair!  

Here are a few of my favourite pieces.


I often share my finds on the Facebook Page Carlton Ware

Rebecca from Wish Vintage found me a lovely piece which she sent me  for my collection!

 I love my Carlton Ware collection.  Carlton Ware is inexpensive but really pretty.  I am so pleased to collect it and it is all thanks to my Great Aunt’s beautiful toast rack!  

I love that Claire has introduced me to the world of Carlton Ware, such pretty pieces.  The factory was one of the biggest in The Potteries and started producing in the late 1800’s.  There are a huge number of ranges, Salad Ware is one of the most well known and popular and earned the company huge revenue.  A number of Claire’s pieces are from the Contemporary Ware range produced in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  There are all sorts of pieces to choose from should you wish to collect!  Check out this very useful website to assist you in identifying any of you finds.  Carlton Ware World

Thank you Claire for sharing your very special collection with us and big thanks to Great Aunt Edna for starting it all off!

If you have a collection you would like to share with the world please get in touch.

Thank you Claire,

Love Wish Vintage x