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Salem is such a beautiful town.  A sea faring history pervades through the timbers of many of the houses, some of which are marked with plaques of their famous captain former inhabitants.  This was clearly a rich town particularly evident in the size of the houses around the common.  Salem is most certainly one of those places I dream of living in one day!

There are a few gems of vintage shops for us in Salem and no trip to Massechusetts would be complete without popping in on Salem.

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One year we stayed at the very historic Salem Inn Hotel.  It’s been full up ever since and we’ve never repeated our stay sadly.  But because we stayed here we found the White Witch Consignment Shop.  But for that first stay I don’t think we would have ventured to that part of town and would therefore have missed one of our favourite shops.  This is a real rummage of a shop.  The desire to wash my hands on leaving is always great as I generally spend about an hour in here, rummaging.  Through boxes, through clothes, through books.  I have yet to leave empty handed.  I hope I never do.  There are shelves of kitchenalia, china, boxes of old magazines and records, racks of prints and paintings, boxes and boxes of hats, piles of material, rails of clothes.  The ubiquitous halloween decorations.  And this time, for me, a cabinet full of handbags.  I did leave one behind!  This is always an interesting shop to visit, the staff are really friendly and helpful.  You need to be prepared to invest some time.

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As we got to Salem so early we sat in the lovely coffee shop across from one of the vintage shops waiting for it to open and taking advantage of some wifi.


I did a search on my “Around Me” app, (a favourite with stored searches of charity shop / thrift shop / vintage) and brought up a list of vintage.  I was surprised to see an army surplus shop listed and couldn’t really figure that one.  Until we went in – of course!  Vintage Army and Navy uniforms – perfect for something like the Goodwood Revival.  And racks of them!  Other than that some pretty awesome zombie posters – I’m a little partial to a zombie!



There are two interesting vintage type shops in Salem – Re-Find for Men and Re-Find for Women.  Both steps from each other these are worth a visit for those hunting for clothes.  We visited the mens shop looking for a suit for hubby.  No success this time and I would think these shops are certainly ones to visit very regularly.



Last year we stumbled across what was effectively a boot fair on the common where we got some amazing bargains and also a recommendation to a vintage shop nearby.  This one we drove to, about 5 minutes from the town centre.  This is a large building with spaces for several dealers.  There’s lots of different looks therefore, some quite antique-y but there is always Pyrex in here, great fabric and some beautiful art work.  I definitely struggle in here to work out if there is any way I can get this stuff home!  This time I bought myself a super turquoise Pyrex casserole dish and some super cute pixie cheesesticks.


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Salem has a phenomenally interesting history around the witch trials and there is lots to see and do in relation to this.  But certainly do not miss out on some excellent vintage shopping!20140512-190914.jpg



Once & Again, 45 Bridge Street, Salem MA 01970
website – onceandagain1.com

Witch City Consignment & Thrift Store, 301 Essex Street, Salem MA 01970

Army Barracks, 234 Essex Street, Salem MA 01970