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Gloucester is a delectable seaside town on the East coast of the USA – a little North of Boston so in the state of Massachusetts (MA)


If you’ve seen the George Clooney film The Perfect Storm then you’ll already know it better than you think you do!  Gloucester remains a very hard working fishing town.

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Sandra Bullocks’ film The Proposal was filmed just up the coast in the town of Rockport (purporting to be Alaska!).

Gloucester is a great base for some exploring.  Historic and working lighthouses are peppered along the coast of New England continuing to signal the dangers of the craggy rocks to passing ships.  Whale watching is prevalent in Gloucester with a number of boats providing trips out.  Have you been whale watching?  Such an amazing experience.  I love just riding with the dolphins who merrily jump in the wake of any boat passing, exuding a real zest for life.  You can only smile when accompanied on your journey by a pod of dolphins.  But this blog is about vintage shopping isn’t it, so enough of the tourist stuff…

The shop Bananas at 74 Main Street makes Gloucester a vintage Mecca for us.  We have been coming here for quite a few years now.  We have never left empty handed!

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There are extensive selections of mens and womens clothing, bags, hats, shoes and jewellery including rings, necklaces, brooches and sunglasses.  There are a few “pieces”, we loved the double lamp but couldn’t fit it in our case.  There are times when we wish this shop was at home and times when we are glad it’s not! We would never have any money.

This year we discovered Mary Rose Vintage Design at 269 Main Street.  Here we found a particularly eclectic selection of vintage items, beautifully displayed.

20140511-132752.jpg 20140511-132810.jpg 20140511-132729.jpgWe particularly liked the vintage mattress innards hanging from the ceiling coated in fairy lights.  Apparently the lovely owner has decided she now wants white lights but her husband is none too keen on doing the job!  Can’t say we blame him but we are big fans of the multi-coloured fairy lights anyway which remind us so much of Christmas past.

Main Street Gloucester is a must visit for any vintage fan.  As well as these two great featured shops we also saw The Sequinned Fan at 220 Main Street, Pearls at 222 Main Street, Bread at 265 Main Street, Gabriells Antiques at 100 Main Street and a number of consignment clothing shops.  You would think that Main Street was just about vintage but there are other shops including one of our other must visits – Local Colors which is an artists’ collective.  This year we particularly loved the work of Rusty + Ingrid (www.rustyandingrid.com) and have a wish list of their work.

We’ve been coming to Gloucester for years and long may it continue.  This is such a beautiful part of the world with an extra special vintage scene!

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So – signing off from New England reminding you to Love Vintage – Live Vintage – Wish Vintage xx